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Wills, Trusts, and Estates

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Anyone who owns property such as a home, car, bank account, investments, business interests, retirement plan account, life insurance, collectibles, etc., needs an estate plan.  An estate plan allows you to direct h ow, to whom, and in what manner your property will be distributed after your death, as well as determine how you will live during your advanced years if you are unable to care for yourself.

With no estate plan, your property could be distributed according to your state’s intestacy laws without regard to family needs or your desires.  If you do nothing to plan for your incapacity, the State of Florida will make those decisions for you.  Wouldn’t you rather decide for yourself how you will live and who will take care of you and your affairs, and direct how and to whom your property will be distributed after your death?  In order to accomplish these goals, you should consider Wills and Trusts.