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Wage Garnishment Release

IRS Problems

An IRS wage garnishment or IRS wage levy is a written notice sent by the IRS to the taxpayer’s employer requiring it to withhold a significant percentage of the employee’s pay and to forward it directly to the IRS.  After the IRS takes their share, there usually is not enough left over to pay the rent, car payment, buy groceries or pay the rest of your bills.

Before the IRS can garnish your wages, the IRS must issue a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing.  The taxpayer will then have up to 30 days to pay in full or find another solution.  Ignoring these notices or doing nothing will only make matters worse.

We can analyze your situation to find the best course of action for you and avoid a tax levy on your wages.  If your wages have already been levied, we will use our skill and experience to obtain a release of levy and prevent any future levies by negotiating a tax collection alternative.  We will represent you through every step of the process, advising you on the best strategies and alternatives, and achieving the best possible result.  We will deal with the IRS so you don’t have to.

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